Build a "Mini" Terrarium

                                                                Building a Terrarium with Mini Plants

Terrariums are mini land environments in glass containers either closed or open to the air.  Think of an aquarium but with mini plants.  The key to a successful terrarium is managing the water in this mini ecosystem.  Here are the steps for creating your very own terrarium to decorate your home or office.

  1. Choose your container – glass is the traditional container for terrariums, but you can use any type of container.
  2. Layer in rocks or sand at the bottom of the container. This is where the water will live as you water your plants.  You do not want the plants roots to be in water.
  3. Add a layer of sphagnum moss or other type of fiber material. This layer holds the soil from mixing with the stones.
  4. Add charcoal chips to the sphagnum layer to keep the water clean. Green algae can grow at the bottom of your container and the charcoal will filter out those impurities.  This step is similar to the charcoal in an aquarium.
  5. Layer in the soil as deep as the roots of your plants. Regular potting soil or succulent soil is fine.
  6. Add plants. Any of the tiny ferns from the "Miniature Collection" are a perfect choice for terrariums. Ferns love moisture, so the circulating humidity within the terrarium makes it a great place for the plant to thrive.
  7. Decorative top layer. You could use colored stones, larger rocks, colored sand, marbles, glass, wood chips, wood or figurines.  Let your imagination go wild.

Terrarium Care

To water, use a spray bottle and spray on the soil.  Try not to get the leaves of the plants wet.  The spray will minimize dislodging your creation. 

If you are using a closed container, water and seal up the container.  Leave the lid on.  Do not remove the lid to water or adjust anything in the container.  Heat and light will initiate the water cycle to self-water within the container.  If you open it, you disrupt this cycle.

Its a bit simpler to stick with an open container so you can control the water consumption in your terrarium. 

Light needs should reflect the requirements of the plants you selected. 


Enjoy your mini plant terrarium!


Aloe (Aloe Vera)
Anthurium (2.5

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