The Miniature Collection

Who couldn’t love a little miniaturized ‘mini’ houseplant?  These little lovelies come in small sizes of many of the popular houseplants you know and love.  They require the same amount of easy care as their bigger sisters but take up a lot less space.

I’ve seen these mini plants planted in a wide variety of containers.  Think small!  Everything from mini teacups to the smallest of terra cotta pots to depressions in stones.  Once potted, these plants can find a special place anywhere in your home or office environment.  You can feature them as stand-alone punctuations or can be combined to create your own landscape of plants.

These little beauties can also be potted together to make a floral arrangement of mini plants.  You would need a little larger pot for this type of planting, but the sky is the limit for the many combinations you could create.  Be sure to consider the watering and light conditions needed by each plant you might combine together.  Select plants that have similar requirements.

Have you ever made a fairy garden?  These mini plants are the perfect size to create a fairy garden or a dish garden which is a fairy garden without the fairies!  Kids can have hours of fun selecting and planting their mini plants to create their very own enchanted fairyland.  Use a low edged bowl or dish so you have lots of room for your mini plants and fairy pieces.  If your bowl or dish does not have a drain hole, be sure to add gravel to the bottom so water will have somewhere to sit and not water-log your plants.

If you want to get really creative, mini plants can be added to vertical plantings such as picture frames, wreaths or groupings of small hanging pots. Use your imagination and have fun with your ‘mini’ plants!

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